Bouncing Back in Comprehension in Year 2: An online course for Year 2 teachers

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Online via Zoom – Wednesday 28 April 2021 – 9.30 am – 3.00 pm

At the end of February 2021, the NFER in consultation with the EEF published the document ‘The Impact of school closures on KS1: potential implications for practice in year  2.

The interim findings confirmed that ‘…year 2 children have significantly lower achievement in both reading (and mathematics) as a likely result of missed learning and that the disadvantage gap has widened compared to Key Stage 1 national curriculum assessments in 2019. ‘

‘Evidence from 2020 suggests that the disruption to schooling has had the greatest effect on children who are still at the early stages of learning to read. This pattern was the same for disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children. ‘

‘Of the curriculum areas assessed, inference remained the hardest and retrieval the easiest. Questions which required children to use the text to understand the meaning of given words, appeared to be the least affected. ‘

The report identified eight key areas where children might need additional support:

  • Understanding of narrative sequencing 
  • Support to understand a character’s motivation
  • Comprehension being affected by reliance on illustrations
  • organising and utilising key information. 
  • Children found it more difficult to provide longer written responses. 
  • More experience needed with a range of non-fiction texts. 
  • Children may struggle to interpret question words. 
  • Children continue to need support with inference, for events and emotions. 

This  one day course will provide practical ideas and resources to help teachers support the children in each of the above areas. Ideas will be demonstrated and practised in the context of a free copy of The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd Stanton which will be sent to all delegates in advance of the course. Delegates will be able to download templates and frameworks that can also be adapted for other texts. Some teachers will be familiar with the approaches which will be closely targeted at each of the eight key areas.

Ideas will be adaptable for use in small group reading; whole class guided reading; interventions and English units.

This CPD opportunity is mainly targeted at Y2 teachers but is also open to Key Stage 1 leaders and teachers of other year groups, such as Year 3, who will  welcome these children in September. 

Snapshots of some of the content related to the understanding of question words below.

There will be a free copy of this book for all delegates.

Booking – this is done by emailing me with the following information:


Postal Address of school (for the free book)

Name of Delegate(s)

Delegate(s) email addresses for the invitation to join the Zoom meeting

Email address for invoice

Cost  – £170  per delegate