An Introduction to Phonics: further information


Tricky Word Twister

What the day will look like

The day will be split broadly into two parts. In the morning, we will look at the principles of phonics teaching and the subject knowledge needed to teach this effectively. We will examine the key terminology such as phoneme, grapheme, digraph, consonant cluster, blending, segmenting etc. We will look at the progression through Phonics programmes from the simple to the complex code and consider assessment and groupings.

After lunch, there will be information on the four-part lesson and practical ideas for each element of the teaching sequence from Revise through Teach, Practise and Apply. Participants will be introduced to phonics and spelling games and activities, designed to engage and enthuse learners. We will share ideas for enriching phonics teaching outside of the four part lesson, and there will be recommendations for online and other resources.

The day will be practical and interactive with the opportunity to try out some of the activities. There will be free resources to download, such as pre-made phonics and spelling games and templates.