From word to sentence to text: live, interactive grammar small group (limited to 6 Delegates) subject knowledge webinar

9 October 2023 (tbc) – 9:30 am – 3:00 pm

Feedback from last year:

This has been a great, informative course. ALL the content was relevant and will definitely enhance all aspects of my English lessons from my planning to teaching to what is going to go into the children’s books.  The delivery was very thorough that covered all aspects  of the English curriculum (word, sentence, grammar and vocabulary). The structure worked really well, as you could see the progression. Small group nature worked really well, as it was tailored to be more personal and I had the confidence to share ideas and ask questions.
Over all, an outstanding course. Thank you so much!

Green Lane Primary

 The content of the session was extremely helpful. We have left with a long list of ideas that we can include in our practice and has made us feel much more confident about the approach to teaching new vocabulary and grammar. The delivery was clear, relevant and concise, Philip you have a brilliant sense of humour and kept us entertained throughout! The structure was clear and we transitioned between tasks well and stayed engaged! The small group was helpful for us all to be involved and share our ideas, it also keeps everyone engaged and keeps our minds focused! Overall we have loved the course and would be eager to do it again! Thank you Philip for a brilliant session! 

For new (within the last 5 years) or returning teachers… or anybody!

This is a new initiative with each webinar being limited to 6 teachers so that we can have a dialogue with questions, answers and discussions so that any grey areas can be clarified. 

Several headteachers have recently told me that they have lots of sympathy for teachers in the early parts of their career whose experience of placements, CPD and the challenges of home learning have negatively impacted upon the subject knowledge and experience they would usually have had. 

These one day sessions are designed primarily for teachers in the first five years of their career whose experience may have been seriously disrupted by the Covid pandemic and its aftermath but the course is open to anyone.

The sessions will cover all relevant aspects of grammar from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to allow colleagues to see the bigger picture. There will also be time for them to reflect upon the needs of their own year group.

This course aims to fill gaps in subject knowledge, particularly in the following areas:

  • Effective teaching of vocabulary and knowledge of tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary
  • Subject knowledge for grammar and the teaching of writing in their own year group, and before and beyond.
  • Applying this subject knowledge in creative, inventive and imaginative ways to improve children’s writing.
  • Using quality texts to inspire your children when writing
  • How to  directly teach sentence construction, control of grammar and syntax, so that pupils can use sentences with accuracy, confidence and increasing flair.
  • Ideas for effective practice using short, focused tasks to enable pupils apply what they have learned to their independent writing including:
  • Sentence expanding – combining – joining – shortening
  • Singling out sentences

The content of the day will look at the following elements of grammar.

  1. Word classes – verbs (tenses) and adverbs; nouns and adjectives; prepositions; determiners; nouns and pronouns including possessive pronouns; plurals and apostrophes.
  2. Phrases and clauses – noun phrases; prepositional phrases; modal and auxiliary verbs – verb phrases.
  3. Sentence types + punctuation; main and subordinate clauses
  4. Joins and Links – adverbials; conjunctions; relative clauses + relative pronouns.
  5. Sentences – subject / verb; agreement; tenses.
  6. Advanced punctuation – colons; semicolons; ellipsis; parenthesis – brackets, dashes, commas; hyphens; bullet points.
  7. Cohesion – including fronted adverbials. 
  8. Formal & informal – speech; audience and purpose.

The presentation will be made available to delegates for reference.

Delegates will need a working camera and microphone on their device. 

The cost is £150 per person. 


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Terms and Conditions

Free cancellation is allowed if five working days notice is given before the first day of the course otherwise the full cost will be charged. If delegates are unable to attend then it is usually possible for them to access a recording of the day and all other course resources.