Guided Reading and Beyond – Tackling the New Tests: further information

What the day will look like

This will be a very ‘hands on’ day. We will begin by looking at the reading requirements in the National Curriculum and how the old AFs have been replaced. We will look at a Guided Reading teaching sequence and discuss the best ways to teach decoding, retrieval, inference, vocabulary, language for effect and themes and traditions. There will be an increased emphasis upon the new style reading tests in KS1 and KS2 with ideas about how to prepare for these as a whole school.

My approach to questioning involves colour coded reading fans to match the strands above. All delegates will receive a complimentary set of fans to take away. Further sets of these can be ordered but they are also available as a free download for delegates.


Reading Fans

Alongside the reading fans, I will demonstrate a range of easily doable and practical ideas that actively involve and engage children in their reading. Many of these are delivered using a simple stationery kit like the one pictured at the top of this page.


‘Bookmarking’ to develop retrieval

Although these activities are designed to be enjoyable, we cannot neglect assessment, recording and test question practice and these will be covered during the day.

In the afternoon session we look at Shared Reading and how we can develop prediction skills, vocabulary and comprehension using quality texts to encourage our children to develop a love of reading. More practical ideas will be shared. These will complement the ideas shared in the morning and will complete the bank of ideas that teachers can easily put into practice.