Guided Reading Planning Cards:Teaching Strategies

Decoding skills such as reminders to segment and blend or break into syllables are self explanatory. Other suggestions are detailed below.


As in 360 degrees. When trying to work out unfamiliar vocabulary, encourage children to look everywhere for clues. The title, sub-headings, captions, illustrations and anything that might help them to understand the word in order to aid comprehension.

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Again, an obvious one to help children work out the meaning of a word. The Cloze Procedure activity is a useful one to teach and practise this.

The Reading Ladder

This is designed to encourage the children to actually use the text to locate the answer, or the evidence for the answer. Typically, they would be asked to to move a counter up each rung of the ladder as they follow the answering process. The three display examples below are all from Holycroft Primary. Reading ladders can be downloaded from the Guided Reading Resource page.

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