Literacy Leaders’ Network Meetings – 2022 / 2023

The dates for the meetings in 2023/24 are:

8 March 2023 and 23 March 2023 – Link to resources from these meetings

14 June 2023

1 November 2023

13 March 2024

  • Literacy Leaders’ Network  Meeting – Provisional agenda Autumn 2022 – 2 November 2022 – A writing special
  • Agenda item 1 – Finding the plot: revisiting the effective teaching of writing

    Before writing: Giving children a voice

    • A high quality text to explore by the class:
      • Audience and purpose
      • Vocabulary development
      • Grammatical structures
      • Layout 
      • Writing opportunities
    • Providing and developing sound understanding of:
      • Plot
      • Character
      • Setting
    • Responding to books and discussing the purpose of language used

    During and after writing

    Couch to 5 paragraphs

    The following statements are from the Couch to 5k app. Look how they  apply to some children’s  experience of writing:

    • feel defeated and give up when  just getting started.
    • gradually buildstamina.
    • make the challenge feel achievable right from the start.
  • So my suggested approach is:
  • Stretching and warm ups – sentence level work involving sentence combining, shrinking and expanding and singling out sentences; finding great examples from authors.
  • Building stamina – shorter and longer burst writing focusing upon setting, character and action and the practising of drafting and editing with ‘tiny texts’ and again stealing the style from authors.
  • Extended writing  applying the techniques in end of unit writing – the importance of structure.
Agenda item 2 – Make it sing: achieving greater depth in writing.
  • What do we mean by GD writers and who are they?
  • Key dimensions for challenge
  • Broader – deeper – reflective – independent
  • Communicating beyond the classroom
  • Task repertoire
  • Texts and contexts for challenge
  • Stealing the style and singling out sentences – digging deeper
  • Boxed planning
  • ACE – Analyse – Create – Evaluate

Meetings are  held online via Zoom.

Cost: £170 for each individual meeting or special ‘season ticket’ offer of all three meetings for £450

Please email to book places.

Please state whether you wish to book for the season ticket offer or just an individual meeting and then copy, edit as necessary and paste and complete the following information:


Postal Address of school

Name of Delegate(s)

Delegate(s) email addresses for the invitation to join the Zoom meeting

Email address for invoice


Free cancellation is allowed if five working days notice is given before the first day of the course otherwise the full cost will be charged. If delegates are unable to attend then it is usually possible for them to access a recording of the day and all other course resources.

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