Literacy Leaders’ Network Meetings – 2021 / 2022

The dates for the meetings in 2021/22 are:

2 November 2022

8 March 2023

14 June 2023

  • Literacy Leaders Meeting – Sample agenda below

Agenda addition: A first look at the :

Although the agenda is yet to be finalised, it is looking very much like a curriculum special. Following my input on cross curricular reading and writing in history, geography, science and RE last year, and inspired by Once Upon a Tune by James Mayhew, I am planning a major input on using music and art as a stimulus in English and reading and writing in art and music much of it based upon this wonderful new bookIt is likely to be followed by half day courses for art and music leaders in Spring 2022.
For once, I have avoided World Book Day (3 March 2022) and planned our spring meeting for the following week. In summer, Farfield Primary School recommended I don’t Like books, never, ever, the end By Emma Perry and Sharon Davey. This is wonderful book and I will provide a free copy for everyone attending the autumn meeting. My thinking is that this would possibly provide a really good focus for schools to promote reading; which is the whole point of World Book Day after all. During the autumn meeting, we will discuss ideas for how to use this book on WBD and generally in school. There will be no need to dress up during this input!
In our summer 2021 meeting we focused heavily on narrative sequencing following the publication of a report by the NFER on the impact of school closures suggesting that this was an area to develop. This input largely focused upon retrieval skills and we also examined the development of the inferential understanding of characters’ motivations. I have been asked by one Reading subject leader to incorporate input and discussion on progression in inference skills. This came about after a ‘deep dive’ in reading where leaders were asked what does inference look like in Year X as compared to Year Y? A very good question and one that we will investigate together during our November meeting.
Shortly after our summer 2021 meeting, the Dfe published a really important document The Reading Framework: teaching the foundations of Literacy (July 2021). I have provided a summary and looked at the implications of this for EYFS for several schools and will share my summary and resources with you.
As well as the above, there will be the usual news, books and resources updates.

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Specific content will be available closer to each of the meetings.

Meetings are  held online via Zoom.

Cost: £170 for each individual meeting or special ‘season ticket’ offer of all three meetings for £450

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