Literacy Leaders Spring and Summer and Autumn 2018 – Resources

Literacy Leaders Autumn 2018

Literacy Leaders Autumn 2018 West 1

Reciprocal Reading and Whole Class Guided Reading

I shared with you the new book ‘Heroes’ about animals in war time. This links to a free download of one of the stories. Really suitable for Whole Class Reading in KS2.

Sample story from Heroes… and more.

Autumn term 2018 handout below – Mac or iPad version using Keynote

Literacy Leaders Autumn 2018 website version

Autumn term 2018 handout below – PC version using PowerPoint

Literacy Leaders Autumn 2018 website version

KS2 template SPaG questions from Killinghall

SATs Style Qs KS2 from Killinghall

SAT style comprehension Qs template from Trinity

Thanks to Rachel fro Killinghall and Luke from Trinity and All Saints for sharing the above resources. I hope that they are OK when downloaded. You know what Word can do to you!

Literacy Leaders Summer 2018 This presentation covers all three days. The Bronte meeting on 12/6/18 – W1/CSP meeting on 19/6/18 and the day at Crossflatts on on 20/6/18

Planning photographs below – in pink from W1/CSP and in white from Crossflatts.





CSP Litcos Summer 1 2018 copy West 1 and CSP handout 1 May 2018

BD5 – Y6 Lady Of Shalott Greater Depth workshop

Literacy Leaders Spring 2018 Handout from meeting at Crossflatts 16 March 2018

Whole Class Reading Compilation March 2018 Updated March 2018

Whole Class Reading Differentiation

Iris and Isaac CSP copy Handout from meeting on 6 March 2018 – includes WCGR update

Iris and Isaac teaching sequence A teaching sequence based on an original by CLPE to be used in conjunction with the above presentation

Whole class reading resource finder 2 Contains links to resources on my website

CSP:W1 Literacy Leaders Spring 1 2018 Handout from meeting on 23 January 2018


Whole Class Guided Reading Poetry Planning Below




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