Reading and Writing in History: practical ideas for history leaders in primary schools

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Repeat course – new date – 11 March 2021 – 09.00 – 12.00

Feedback from the original course:

A fantastic session, thank you. We try to link our English and history as we teach thematically so the sessions help in both areas. Brilliant

The ideas for short pieces of writing will be particularly useful across each year group. Thank you!

Thank you. Enjoyed everything and it was very informative! Great links for history and English

This is an online course for history subject leaders in primary schools delivered via Zoom. The presentation will be available to download at least 48 course before the day if anyone would like to print this to take notes. There will also be downloadable resources that that will be needed to fully participate in sessions.

For further details of how online courses will work please follow this link:

Online Courses for Autumn 2020

This half day course is based on the premise of putting history first whilst providing practical and easy to implement ideas for continuity and progression through the school  in both non-fiction and poetry.

The reading element of the course will look at how texts are organised – text structure and organisation – before moving to cover how to write these texts effectively  – spelling, punctuation and grammar – focusing upon key features of the genre and age related expectations in different year groups.


We will look at how to read and research, and organise and write texts to demonstrate understanding in history. There will also be creative ideas for publishing work with an emphasis on audience and purpose, Similar ideas will be covered on the sister course Reading and Writing in Geography: practical ideas for geography leaders in primary schools. This means that children will be able to become familiar with the techniques and concentrate upon applying their knowledge and understanding.


There will be a focus upon describing and communicating information about elements of historical study and concepts such as continuity and change; causes, consequences and connections; significant events and people; chronology and the evaluation of sources.

Booking – this is done by emailing me with the following information:


Postal Address of school

Name of Delegate(s)

Delegate(s) email addresses for the invitation to join the Zoom meeting

Email address for invoice

Cost  – £90 per delegate. If a place is booked on the sister course, Reading and Writing in Geography: practical ideas for history leaders in primary schools then the cost will be reduced to £75 per per on per course. If you wish to take up this offer, then please indicate in the booking email.

If colleagues from your school have attended any of the days in November 2020 then the reduced rate will apply. Please mention this in your booking email.