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17 February 2022 – 09:00 – 12:00 

Feedback from similar courses:

Fantastic session, great ideas and lots to take away. The breakout rooms are great! A good way to share good practice! thank you 🙂 

That was a great course. Very entertaining, along with lots of useful resources that can be shared throughout school. 

Really enjoyed the training – lots of great ideas to take back to school and share with staff. Thought it worked really well on Zoom

This is an online course for Music subject leaders in primary schools delivered via Zoom. The presentation will be available to download immediately after the session.

There will be a free, signed, hardback copy of Once Upon a Tune by James Mayhew for all delegates. This amazing resource merges art, music and English into a  truly wonderful book.

Following similar courses for geography, history, science and RE delivered last year, this half day course is based on the premise of putting music first whilst providing practical and easy to implement ideas, with a focus upon genres of writing relevant to the subject. These will include biographical writing; reviewing and responses to work by musicians and composers. We will look at speaking andlistening and writing techniques to help children to:

  • describe
  • evaluate
  • analyse
  • compare
  • know about – history and  culture

There will be unique ideas for reading and writing to support music and also structures will be shared that can be used in other subjects, especially the parallel art and design CPD to save time, effort and confusion for children.

Delegates will be taught vocabulary and spelling games covering key words and concepts.

Some model texts for biographical writing

We will consider how to read, research  and organise in order to write texts to demonstrate understanding and responses. There will also be creative ideas for publishing work with an emphasis on audience and purpose. Similar ideas will be covered on the sister course Reading and Writing in art and design. This means that children will be able to become familiar with the techniques and concentrate upon applying their knowledge. 

Sample slide for EYFS
Statement sorting activity

The reading element of the course will look at how texts are organised – text structure and organisation – before moving on to cover how to write these texts effectively  focusing upon key features of the genre, technical vocabulary and age related expectations for grammar in different year groups from Foundation Stage to Year 6.

Planning a biography

Attendees will also be introduced to a model English unit teaching sequence based upon one of the stories from Once Upon a Tune  – In the Hall of the Mountain King. This sequence can be adapted for different year groups.

Sample of a model teaching sequence based upon Once Upon a Tune

Booking â€“ this is done by emailing me with the following information:


Postal Address of school

Name of Delegate(s)

Delegate(s) email addresses for the invitation to join the Zoom meeting

Email address for invoice

Cost  â€“ £95 per delegate. If a place is booked on the sister course, Reading and Writing in Art and Design: practical ideas for history leaders in primary schools then the cost will be reduced to £80 per person per course.