Y3/4 Course Resource page

Day One

ARE at Y3:4 2017 Final copy The final handout from day 1/module 1 as a PDF

5 Phase Teaching The Matchbox Diary copy 2 A five phase teaching sequence

Matchbox Diary Drama The story of the journey through drama

Matchbox questions Comprehension questions

Y4 Editing checklist Matchbox diary update. Includes aspects of Y2 and Y3

The Matchbox diary grammar planning SPaG questions relating to the story

Link to Ocean Waves Sound File Internet link

Link to storm video Internet link

Ellis Island Information Internet link

Craft Matchboxes 

Day 2

ARE in Y3:4 Day 2 Day 2 handout as a PDF. If you would like this as a PPT send me a message through my contacts page and I will send it on to you.

Progression Papers and text types docs Includes poetry, fiction and non-fiction

Recipe for a summer holiday2 Poetry Grid

I am winter king of seasons poetry grid Poetry grid

It’s Spring questions Test type questions

I am winter questions Test type questions

Clear the board Y5:6 statutory word list sample Spelling game

Connect 4 Y3:4 Spelling game – Can also be used as word cards for Pairs and Now You See Me

Link to Letters and Sounds resources

Link to spelling resources