From Prediction to Publishing: 5 Phase English

The two hours flew by thanks to your pace, variety of resources and wonderful video (and music) inputs. I was sceptical about Zoom compared to in-person, but it was great. 

Phil Bowker (interim executive headteacher St Paul’s Primary VA and Christ the King Catholic Primary School – Leeds)

Philip revolutionised our teaching of English and ignited great passion for quality texts and teaching sequences. Literally overnight there was a dramatic shift in the quality of teaching and learning in the quality of teaching and learning in English across the whole school.

Gillian Wilson – Headteacher – St Oswald’s Primary Academy

This is my most frequently requested offer. Five Phase English looks at teaching units for English that go from prediction to publication. This is based upon the use of quality texts and engaging ‘hands on’ ideas to immerse children in the text. The hook is provided in phase 1 – the prediction phase which is followed by phase 2 – an extensive comprehension phase offering lots of ideas for speaking and listening; comprehension and short and medium burst writing.

Post pandemic, many schools reported that their pupils were really struggling with writing stamina. To counteract this phase 2 can be extended to give children the opportunity to develop their stamina by using the context of the book to give short and medium burst writing opportunities.

Phase 3 deals with text structure and organisation and punctuation and grammar before the extended writing phases of phase 4 and five which cover planning, drafting, editing and publishing. 

This training can be delivered on a whole school basis from Foundation Stage to Year 6 or broken down into phrases such as Key Stage one and Key Stage two.

Following the input, free support for teachers and further ideas can be found by following links on my planning cards page with examples of planning sequences and downloadable templates on the resources page.


All photographs courtesy of Bolton Brow Primary Academy

Five phase literacy – advanced and/or refresher training

 I can also offer updated 5 Phase Literacy for schools who have new staff who haven’t been trained and or if a refresher is needed for existing staff. This involves a different presentation to the initial training, with added new ideas and a quick re-visit of the original training.

This could also be combined with a more advanced approach looking at progression throughout the whole school with some of the activities and ideas for example Role on the Wall from FS to Year 6.

I have also been asked to concentrate upon specific gaps that have been identified by leaders during monitoring such as a lack of depth in the comprehension phase.