Planning Cards

Updated – August 2022

I have gathered together all of the links to planning cards and instructions and put them on this page. I have also simplified matters by putting the instructions for each element on the same page as the download links.

Five Phase English – From Prediction to Publication

The planning cards started as ‘Post it’ planning whereby we would plan a teaching sequence and show the ideas by sketching on Post Its. To save time and to compile ideas I made the planning cards and  made them available here. Over the years, I added more cards and these have now been integrated here to make sure everything is in one place.

How it was


‘Post-it’ planning for the Matchbox Diary

How it’s Going


Planning cards in action for The Red Prince

The Planning Card Downloads and Instructions

Phase 1 – Prediction

Phase 2 – Comprehension

Phase 2 – Vocabulary

Phase 2 – Speaking and Listening and Drama 

Phase 3 – Text Structure and Organisation

Phase 3 – Punctuation and Grammar Inc’ the Concept of a Sentence

Phases 4 and 5 – Planning, Drafting, Editing and Publishing

More ideas