Planning Cards

New! November 2022

To aid my online planning sessions with teachers, I have developed this beta version of a PowerPoint planning tool. The presentation contains my planning cards for all of the phases. The planning is done by copying and pasting relevant cards from each of the phases to complete the medium term plan for the sequence. There is an example from Y1 in this version. This can be used in conjuction with the instructions for each card below. Click below to download.



Updated – August 2022

I have gathered together all of the links to planning cards and instructions and put them on this page. I have also simplified matters by putting the instructions for each element on the same page as the download links.

Five Phase English – From Prediction to Publication

The planning cards started as ‘Post it’ planning whereby we would plan a teaching sequence and show the ideas by sketching on Post Its. To save time and to compile ideas I made the planning cards and  made them available here. Over the years, I added more cards and these have now been integrated here to make sure everything is in one place.

How it was


‘Post-it’ planning for the Matchbox Diary

How it’s Going


Planning cards in action for The Red Prince

The Planning Card Downloads and Instructions

Phase 1 – Prediction

Phase 2 – Comprehension

Phase 2 – Vocabulary

Phase 2 – Speaking and Listening and Drama 

Phase 3 – Text Structure and Organisation

Phase 3 – Punctuation and Grammar Inc’ the Concept of a Sentence

Phases 4 and 5 – Planning, Drafting, Editing and Publishing

More ideas