ALC SPaG Mar 18 Presentation from 19/3/18

Iris and Isaac 2VLC Handout from CPD on 7 March 2018 at Menston

Iris and Isaac teaching sequence A teaching sequence based on an original by CLPE to be used in conjunction with the above presentation

2VLC Y5:6 day 2 2018 – Presentation

Link to Y5/6 resource page

Link to whole class guided reading resources

2VLC Non Fiction and Poetry Y3:4 CPD on 29/1/18

Link to Poetry Grids

2VLC Non-fiction and poetry Y1 CPD on 26/1/18

Red Prince Teaching Sequence ALC NQT/RQT training 22/1/18 – Presentation

Choosing and Using quality texts – Newhall Park 7:12:17 NQT training

2VLC Yr – Presentation for Reception teachers at Menston on 4/12/17 – photographs of book planning are in the document below this photograph.


2VLC – YR – Book Planning – Fiction Contains the photographs of the posters made by colleagues on 4/12/17

Book Trailers on Pinterest

World Book Day Website Book Trailers

Guided Reading ALC NQT and RQT training 28/11/17

5 Phase Teaching The Promise Teaching sequence For Y5 and Y6

2VLC Year 6 The Promise Presentation from 1/12/17

Hugo opening – Film Lit version – Teaching sequence

Whole class reading Hugo To complement the sequence above

Hugo Y5 2VLC Presentation from 1/12/17

2VLC Y1 Handout from 15 September 2017

Little Red teaching sequence

Little Red Trailer This PowerPoint file contains the audio clip and the book trailer.

Y1 checking lanyards pdf2VLC Year 6 The Promise

2VLC Y2 copy Handout from 15 September 2017

5 Phase Teaching Orion and the Dark

Red Prince Teaching Sequence  – Presentation

The Red Prince – Teaching Sequence

The Matchbox Diary – Teaching sequence

Matchbox Diary – Presentation

Cards for lanyards Nov 15 pdf

Ratatouille Letter As discussed at KLHUB Y2 moderation on 23/5/17 – contact me if you need the full version with the film embedded.

Now you see me cards -ment Y2 suffix spelling game

Clear the board -ness Y2 suffix spelling game

Connect 4 -less Y2 suffix spelling game

2016-reading-sat-analysis A spreadsheet kindly shared by Caroline Hegney of St Oswald’s to support the analysis of reading test answers.

Spelling Resources Page Password Protected

Punctuation and Grammar Resources Page Password Protected

Non-fiction resources Password Protected

Science and Writing Resources

A child’s garden frameworks 2015 PDF (Password needed)

This booklets contains many of the ideas on the comprehension planning cards in the context of ‘A Child’s Garden’ by Michael Foreman. All of these ideas can be adapted for other texts as demonstrated with the Red Prince.