Guided Reading Planning Cards Downloads

Update – November 2023

The cards are now contained on two downloadable documents (below) – GR Planning Cards Updated 1 and GR Planning Cards Updated 2. The contents are:

GR Planning Cards Updated 1

  • Bookmarking
  • Big Envelope
  • Golden Ticket
  • Lucky Dip
  • Cover Me
  • Predict the Question
  • Perfect Predictions
  • Verb’ Vocab’

GR Planning Cards Updated 2

  • Tell Me grid
  • 3:2:1
  • Comprehension Tennis
  • Readers Theatre
  • Top 5
  • True, False and Prove it
  • Secret Sentences
  • Skimming and Scanning

A note about colour coding. You will notice that the Content Domains are colour coded as are the borders of the cards. This is part of a very simple system I use for comprehension:

  • dark green – literal, retrieval and sequencing
  • light green – vocabulary
  • orange – inference

If the card border is more than one colour, this indicates that the idea can be used in more than one way.

When downloaded, the cards are opened out. To turn them into actual cards, print onto thin card, cut them out and glue the two faces together. The QR code will allow a quick link to the further information page on  my website if you are out and about. I have known teachers to keep a set in their bag for seizing odd moments to plan. Every second counts!