Literacy Leaders’ Resources Autumn 2017

Book Creator Resources

Tim Bleazard’s Book Creator Guide

Book Creator Introduction


Literacy Leaders Autumn 17 latest PDF

Literacy Leaders Autumn 17 latest finjal PowerPoint from the meeting on 20 November

CSP:W1 Literacy Leaders Autumn 17

Literacy Leaders Autumn 17 CSP:W1 update

Whole Class Reading

Whole Class Reading Compilation

Whole Class Reading Session Plans for the texts in the Compilation

Whole class reading The Dog and His Reflection Y2

Whole class reading Charlotte’s Web Y3

Whole class reading 100 Mile an hour dog Y4

Whole class reading Time travelling with a hamster Y5

Whole Class reading cogheart Y6

Whole class reading Blank Plan 2

Whole class reading resource finder

Herts for Learning  What’s changed and what’s gone –  KS1 and KS2 Writing for 2018