Once Upon a Blue Moon – EYFS Ideas

Here are some ideas related to the film that could be used with children in the EYFS. These have been provided my daughter (and EYFS leader) Jessica. A document containing these ideas can be downloaded at the foot of this page.

Communication and Language

  • Small world play
  • Re-cap the story once it’s finished
  • Predict what it might be about / what might happen from a still
  • Comprehension questions

Personal, Social, Emotional Development

  • Axis of emotion
  • Do you think they’re friends?
  • How could they have made friends?

Physical Development

  • Make a Blue Moon and characters with play dough or plasticine (or anything else really)
  • Pack and healthy lunch for them
  • Play with a ball or pebble wearing a character mask you’ve made


  • Stills with speech bubbles for children to write
  • Caption writing
  • Label writing
  • Postcard from the Blue Moon
  • Packing list to go to the Blue Moon
  • Instructions for making the rocket or camera work


  • Build a rock tower using X number of rocks or pieces of plasticine
  • Build a rock tower and discuss how tall or short it is
  • Rocket counting backwards from 20 to 0
  • Discuss the time of day
  • Make plasticine rocks and weigh them
  • Addition and subtraction using rocks
  • Who has more / fewer rocks

Understanding The World

  • Where is it set? How do you know?
  • What transport could you use to get there? Why not a boat?
  • Make your own junk modelled camera
  • Make a Blue Moon and photograph it
  • What devices can you use to take photos?
  • What technology is in the rocket?
  • Find out about the historical moon landing

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Create a shoebox Blue Moon
  • Junk model the characters and rocket
  • Make rock towers
  • Make a character mask
  • Paint or decorate rocks

Once upon a blue moon EYFS

Once upon a blue moon EYFS