Planning Cards Instructions: Comprehension – Graphic Organisers

Graphic Organisers


The Tell Me Grid

Use this to collate key features of the text under the four headings – People – Places – Story – Time. Each section can be split in two to record predictions and the actual content. See the example’Tell Me Grid for Prediction’ in slideshow below.


Venn Diagram

Can be used to compare two characters – two settings – two books by the same author – the film and the book … can also be used in maths!


The Axis of Emotion

Plot the emotions of a character as a story progresses – identify how they feel at different points … and why.


The Decision Wheel


Used when a character has a decision to make or faces a dilemma. Write the dilemma in the centre. In the middle circle children identify up to four possible actions. In the outer circle, the write the positives and negatives of each course of action.


Role on the Wall

To deepen understanding of a character. What we know – the literal – is recorded on the outside and what we infer – thoughts and feelings – are recorded on the inside.

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