Planning Cards Instructions:Comprehension Questions


Comprehension Questions

The colours represent the reading strands from my reading fans. These are available as a free download or are available for purchase from me. Further details can be found on the Guided Reading resource page. (Password needed).

Test Type Questions

There is a full set of planning cards which reflect the test type questions used in in KS1 and KS2 SATS in 2016. There are two parts to the set – written answers and graphic answers. They can bee found on the Planning Cards Test Questions Formats page. (password needed)

3D Comprehension

An active and engaging way of teaching comprehension. The photographs below should help with understanding these instructions.

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Each table in the classroom will have a comprehension mat on it with a comprehension question. There will be a different question on each table. The same question is repeated all around each individual mat so that children can read the question on all sides of the table. Each mat contains an artefact (often the same ones from the props bag used in the prediction phase).

With a partner, children visit each table in turn; read the question; discuss the answer and record the answer.

At the end of the lesson, the class can be gathered together to discuss the answers.