The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse -Comprehension Phase

The comprehension phase is the biggest and will take some time to complete. The activities include several recorded outcomes using graphic organisers such as Role on the Wall; some short burst writing and, new  for this sequence, a computing challenge. Again, this phase repeats activities from the comprehension phase of Once Upon a Blue Moon to build upon children’s experience. To further challenge upper KS2, there is the opportunity to compare and evaluate The Short Story of… with a similar, but more challenging film, The Girl and the Fox.

The comprehension activities are:

  • Decision wheel
  • C and S questions –  information about the Cs and Ss
  • Character
    • Role on the wall
    • Venn diagram
    • Trading card / character study
    • Axis of emotion
  • Setting
    • Setting description
    • Optional computing challenge
  • Comprehension questions
  • Extension activity for upper KS2 – Comparison and Challenge Questions

Explanations and examples of the activities can be found on the downloadable PowerPoint. Other downloadable resources can be found below in both Word and PDF forms.