The short story of a fox and a mouse Phases 3/4/5 – Planning – Drafting – Editing – Publishing


In one of my conventional five phase units, this would cover phase 3 – text structure, organisation and grammar and phase 4 – planning, drafting and editing leading on to  publishing in phase 5.

As this project is targeted at a wider age range there is no ARE grammar; the main differentiation is in the big writing outcome. I have provided a number of ideas and frameworks that can be used or adapted according to the needs of your families.

Suggested Outcomes

  • Re-tell in the third person or in role – an Imitation – slide 4
  • Use the 5 Ps to support an Innovation or Invention – slides 7 and 8
  • The Story Ladder planning format to support an imitation or an innovation – slide 9
  • Once upon a blue moon 2 – write the sequel – slide 10

The presentation

Writing Resources