The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse Prediction Phase

The Film on Vimeo

There are four suggested prediction activities and a written outcome in phase 1. Ideas can be collected above the diagonal line on the ‘Tell me’ grid for prediction (slide 4 and downloadable resource) and then used to support the writing of the prediction. So, to be clear, predictions are written above the diagonal line and when the full film has been seen, the actual content can be written below.

Download the Tell me grid below.


Please note that the above example has ‘problem’ and ‘setting’ at the bottom whereas my version has ‘story’ and ‘time’.

The prediction activities are:

  • Sound on Vision off
  • ‘Advent Calendar’ Prediction
  • Title Anagram
  • Trailer

Sound on Vision off – slide 3

Click the slide to listen to the clip and then begin to make predictions. Encourage children to use the conjunctions when making their predictions. Make notes about predictions for people – places – story – time above the diagonal line.

‘Advent Calendar’ Prediction – Slide 5

Click on each numbered panel from 1 to 6 to gradually reveal a still image from the film. Again, make notes about predictions for people – places – story – time above the diagonal line.

Title Anagram – slide 6

Can you guess the title using evidence from the ‘Advent Calendar’ images and the letters below the anagram?

Film Trailer – slide 7

Play the trailer and then ask the children to continue to make predictions to add to their Tell me grid.

Writing Task 1 – slide 9

Use the evidence collected from the prediction activities to write a short prediction. Encourage the age appropriate use of the suggested grammar on the slide. Templates for this activity can be found below in both Word and PDF formats.