Finding the plot: writing CPD

Thank you for the CPD it was great. Staff felt the strategies that you shared would be useful for them to use in class. It was nice for staff to just have the opportunity to ground themselves again in the processes of writing and have a go at applying strategies that you discussed.’

Annabel Naylor -Deputy Headteacher – Horton Grange Primary School

In 2022/2023 I was asked to deliver a lot of writing training. This was delivered in various formats under the heading Finding the Plot. Some schools and organisations requested whole school input whilst others asked for it to be broken down into key stages. This training provides coherent links with Five Phase English and one of its key themes is a return to the crafting of good quality sentences before applying these in longer texts.

Click the image above for more sentence ideas.

The slideshow above shows just a few of the slides from the core presentation.