Planning Cards Downloads and Instructions

Phase 1 – Prediction



Phase 2 – Comprehension

Planning Cards – Comprehension v2 (Graphic Organisers)

Planning Cards – Comprehension Qs v2

Planning Cards – S and L v2

Planning Cards -Vocabulary v2.1

planning-cards-test-questions-written-answers-ks1 KS1

planning-cards-test-questions-graphic-ks1 KS1

Planning Cards – Test Questions Written Answers KS2

Planning Cards – Test Questions graphic KS2

Phase 3 – Text Structure and Grammar

Planning Cards – TSO v2.1

Planning Cards – SPaG v2

Planning Cards – concept of a sentence v2

Phase 4 – Planning Drafting and Editing

Planning Cards – Editing 2 v2

Planning Cards – Editing v2

Phase 5 – Publishing

Coming soon…


Planning Cards -Non-fiction v2

Instructions for, and examples of, Prediction Planning Cards

Planning Cards – Film Literacy v2

Planning Cards – Film Literacy.2 v2

Planning Cards – More Able v2


This is a work in progress and instructions and examples for all phases will eventually appear here.

Phase 1 – Prediction

Planning Cards Instructions: Prediction

Phase 2 – Comprehension

Planning Cards Instructions: Comprehension – Graphic Organisers

Planning Cards Instructions:Vocabulary for Comprehension

Planning Cards Instructions: Speaking and Listening and Drama

Planning Cards:Comprehension Questions Instructions

Phase 3 – Text Structure and Organisation

Planning cards instructions: Text Structure and Organisation.

Phase 3 – Punctuation and Grammar

Planning cards instructions: Punctuation and grammar

Protected: Planning Cards Instructions: The Concept of a Sentence