New to Y5/6 Resources

New or Not to Y5/6 course day 2 – 19/01/23 – presentation below.

New or Not to Y5/6 course day 1 – 10/11/22 – presentation below.

Day 1 24 November 2021 and day 2 – 13 January 2022 Resources

Spelling strategies and ideas

The Promise Film Resources on YouTube

Hertfordshire blog

Day 2 2021 – Presentation

New or not to Y5/6 2019 – Day 2 – 9 January 2020 

Presentation below

Rising Stars – thoughts on 2019 tests

Poetry Line

Rising Stars – past spelling test words

New or not to Y5/6 2019 – Day 1 – 10 October 2019

Presentation below

New or Not to Y5 and Y6 2019

2VLC January 2019

A new version has been uploaded. Please let me know if problems persist.

Resources for Day 2 – 10 January 2019

grammar for writing revisited

great white shark text 

great white shark text

sharks comprehension

sharks comprehension

sharks comprehension answers

year 3 4 coordinates spelling game 1

year 3 4 coordinates spelling game 1

year 3 4 spelling coordinates 2

year 3 4 spelling coordinates 2

year 3 4 spelling coordinates 3

year 3 4 spelling coordinates 3


who am I grammar

New resources for Day One on 11 October 2018

KS2 ARA 2019 – Published 15/10/18 – Important!

The Promise SPaG Questions – in PDF and Word format

The Promise SPAG

The Promise SPAG

The Promise Comprehension Questions – in PDF and Word format

The Promise Comprehension 1

The Promise Comprehension 1

The Promise Comprehension 2

The Promise Comprehension 2

New or Not to Y5 and Y6 2018 Presentation from day 1

BSO KS2 Assessment Pages

Link to Whole Class Guided Reading Resources

Rising Stars SPaG Blog

The Promise teaching sequence






Resources from day 2 – 5/1/18

Book Creator input spelling Tim Bleazard’s presentation

New or not to Y5:6 day 2 2018 copy My presentation from day 2

Hugo Y5 2VLC

Hugo opening teaching sequence – Film Lit version


Non-fiction planning cards

Alison Philipson’s writing assessment grids


Residential poetry



Poetry Line

Spelling Resources – Connect 3

Connect 3 Y5:6 words – a

Connect 3 Y5:6 words – b – c

Connect 3 Y5:6 words – d – e

Connect 3 Y5:6 words – f – h

Connect 3 Y5:6 words -m – o

Connect 3 Y5:6 words – p

Connect 3 Y5:6 words – t – v

Spelling Resources – Clear the Board

Y6 Clear the board silent letters

Y6 Clear the board -ough

Y6 Clear the board -ei

Y6 Clear the board -suffixes -fer

Y6 Clear the board -able -ible -ably -ibly

Y6 Clear the board -ent -ence -ency

Y6 Clear the board -ant -ance -ancy

Y6 Clear the board -cial

Y6 Clear the board -cious -tious

Spelling resources – Now You See me

Y6 Now you see me b – c

Y6 now you see me – m – o

Y6 now you see me – p

Y6 now you see me d – e

Y6 now you seem me f – h

Y6 now you see me – t – v

Useful grammar summary

Present Perfect Simple etc

Sky TV Audio description


Modal verbs foldable

Analyse foldable

Create foldable

Evaluate foldable

Discussion cards

Whole Class Reading

Whole class reading resource finder

Whole class reading Blank Plan 2

Whole class reading Blank Plan 2

Whole class reading Marlene

Reading Test Questions Planning Cards



These planning cards were updated on 6 December 2016. Each card now has a gold, silver or bronze star at the foot. These represent the frequency of the type of question in the 2016 SATS with gold being the most frequent.The breakdown is:

Gold – more than 10 questions of this type – the type being long sentence answer

Silver – more than 4 to 9 questions of these types

Bronze – between 1 and 2 questions of these types

This breakdown is designed to help teachers to target their teaching and revision to include more practice of the most common question types.

2016 Reading SATS






test-type-question-small This reading test template has been kindly provided by Shilan Kheradmand of Lister Primary School.Many thanks to Shilan.

Reading – Implications for Teaching and Learning Link to Rising Stars booklet.

Other Reading Resources

reading-record-y5y6-sept-16 A group reading record incorporating the ‘interim’ performance descriptors for reading for 2016 and 2017.

2016-reading-sat-analysis A spreadsheet kindly shared by Caroline Hegney of St Oswald’s to support the analysis of reading test answers.

2016 SPaG SATS




DfE Publications for 2017 SATS









Subject Knowledge

Oxford Grammar

Sue Attwood’s Sentence and Grammar Teaching Books Click Resources on the left hand side of the page.




sample_ks2_englishreading_readingbooklet (includes the poem Giants)